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The 10 most recently created public topics are:
Which Harry Potter House?
Hawt or Nawt?
Are trans people okay? :/
Favorite Website?
Sims 3: Best Sim Maker:
Sims 3: Most Hardworking:
Sims 3: Most Creative Worker:
Sims 3: Best House Maker:
this is a test
What are you wearing?
The 10 most popular public topics are:
What do you use the Internet for?
Should the current U.S. president, George Bush, be impeached?
Best color
Favorite movie
Most difficult video game
Who will Hillary Clinton sleep with?
Who should be elected president in 2008?
Who will be elected president in 2008?
What do you have for breakfast?
Who is your hero?
10 random public topics are:
Sims 3: Best House Maker:
Hawt or Nawt?
Best Flavor Gumball
How can this voting application be improved?
When will the technological singularity happen?
Does this question make me look fat?
When did the technological singularity happen?
Is Sketch ruined forever?
Sims 3: Most Hardworking:
Is GuessWord Working at the moment?

Vote is a simple application to help a large group of people to come to an agreement on a topic. This is achieved by having users anonymously vote on and submit items. This allows people to suggest ideas that they may have kept to themselves because they weren't sure the ideas would be welcomed by others.

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